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Prepare the terrace for outdoor celebrations.

The summer season has arrived and with it the opportunity to organize outdoor events and parties. In this article, we give you a series of tips to create an outdoor space that suits any type of celebration, whether it is a family reunion, a company dinner or a private event. Read on and discover how to transform your terrace into the perfect space to enjoy outdoor moments.

Define the type of celebration:

Before you start preparing your terrace, it is important to be clear about what you want to use the space for. If you are planning a formal event, you can opt for comfortable and functional solutions such as our Brunei table and our Etna stacking chair.

On the other hand, if you are organizing an informal celebration, such as a cocktail party, where interaction between guests is paramount, you can consider more relaxed solutions, such as our Olimpia outdoor sofa or our mini sun loungers Cannes. Defining the purpose of your space will help you choose the most appropriate outdoor furniture for each event.

Take into account the number of guests:

Be sure to consider the number of guests you expect to receive so that your terrace has enough space and seating for everyone.. If space is limited, you can opt for versatile solutions, such as extendable tables or folding tables, that fit your needs and allow you to optimize the available space.


Create different atmospheres:

Divide your terrace into different areas to facilitate interaction between guests. You can set up a dining area, to enjoy dinner or lunch, with outdoor chairs and tables, a lounge area with comfortable sofas or loungers.

Protect yourself from high temperatures:

When preparing your terrace for an outdoor celebration it is important to consider the weather conditions. If the sun is intense, use sun protection solutions such as sunshades.