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“Maridage of the sea and the land, the heads and bays, the coves and the cliffs, the crazy penyes of all colors and shapes, the tones, the transparency of the waters and, above all, the light, this light clear, more alive, more beautiful than anywhere in the world”

Ferran Agulló, 1908

In 1968 Balliu was born near the Costa Brava thanks to the vision of our founders, Josep Balliu García and Carme Balliu Falgueras. From the beginning, we have kept our objective clear: to offer quality, resistant and environmentally friendly outdoor furniture solutions.

For us it is always day, the sun never sets

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In 1971 the Oasis model was launched on the market, a hammock manufactured with a metallic steel structure. The first hammocks were sold at the Hostal Ribot in Caldes de Malavella, and later at the Balneario Prats in the same town.


In 1981, the Eva iron lounger was launched on the market, an innovative, stackable and resistant product. Sales quickly began throughout Spain.

Eva Rg

In 1987, Mr. Josep Balliu had the idea of using polypropylene to replace iron and the Eva RG sun lounger was born, which soon became the star product on beaches all over the world.

Eva Pro

In 2018, the Eva Pro lounger was developed, an evolution of our benchmark. The performance was improved and the result is a more renewed, resistant and optimal product for the professional. Currently, our sun loungers are present in more than 80 countries and the company has established itself as a benchmark in the manufacture of outdoor furniture.

Plants, hands and people in teamwork, community and earth day for support, sustainability and clima


At Balliu, we are committed to taking care of the environment by implementing measures that promote the circular economy, including the optimization of our resources and extending the life cycle of our furniture.

Do you know the Renove Plan?

The Renove plan is an initiative that aims to recycle obsolete sun loungers on Mediterranean beaches to turn them into raw materials for the manufacture of other products.

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