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Maintenance tips for your Balliu sun loungers

Sun loungers are an essential element to make the most of the summer and relax outdoors. If you want to ensure its proper functioning and continue to enjoy maximum comfort, it is important to perform proper maintenance. In this post, we will provide you with practical tips to keep your sun loungers in optimal conditions. Read on to find out how to care for your sun loungers and maximize their lifespan!

Basic maintenance:
Regularly check the proper tension of the fabric of your sun loungers. Make sure there are no areas of excess tension or looseness that could affect comfort.
Check the structural stability of Balliu sun loungers and make sure there are no loose or worn parts that could compromise safety.
Examine the condition of the wheels and cords, and replace any worn or damaged parts to ensure proper operation.

Cleaning of the chassis and fabric:
Occasionally, the fabric may fade due to exposure to suntan oils, sweat, carbon monoxide or other natural causes such as sap. To minimize this possibility, we recommend that you immediately clean any contact with these agents using a soft brush with water and neutral detergent. We recommend the use of Deck Defender cleaner, designed for tarpaulins, tarpaulins, upholstery and decks in general. This cleaner contains no silicones and is biodegradable. Be sure to rinse thoroughly after cleaning and avoid using bleach or other solvents.
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Fabric replacement:
If you want to learn how to replace the fabric of your sun lounger, we offer an explanatory video that you will find in our maintenance instructions.
See the rest of the videos in our maintenance instructions: